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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day

I know it has been a while since anything has been posted on this very neglected blog, and my apologies! But happy valentines day, none the less! 
You know that feeling of happiness and surge of wamrth in his embrace when your date leans over underneath the moon, and kisses you, holding his embrace on you as long as he can? Me either, but i hope i will someday! 
Valentines day is a lovely day, perhaps it is just me, but Valentines day is a special time for everyone, even people who don't have hot dates with their guy or girl. sort of like me, i'm all alone in my house, most like writing my sick emotions out on a laptop, into a book that is most likely so poorly written that its sickening. 
I have a vibrant way of explaining myself. 
Or perhaps i like valentines day so much because that's the only day of the year that i actually really like chocolate! 
no - you read that right, any other day of the year, i most likely will refuse chocolate, its SO not my thing, like most girls obsess over chocolate, and im over here in my own little world, writing and eating sour gummy worms, and drinking hot herb tea underneath my soft covers and cushy pillows, listening to music, probably Piano Guys (thepianoguys.com) or something of the sort (you can also find them in iTunes) with my pants and tee shirt, being dulled by the silence of the deafening music in my ears, created by a guy with a piano and his partner who has a cello. 
i'm most likely running anyone who's reading this into boredom. so ... i just wrote this to tell everyone who has a date tonight, either for the most expensive place in the city (or town) or the lousiest cheesburger shop in town: have fun, and happy valentines day. 
you never know - maybe next year you'll be stuck with someone as boring as me. 


Friday, November 8, 2013

so, as i promised...

In this story, Moriah and I, who are both becoming actresses, seriously pretend we are in a movie, we were both thinking it, and so we acted as if we were, back in the old day when people held people for ransom! It was scary, and fun.

   The next story consists of a rather creepy experince, for me and Moriah... Moriah's cousins, Blake and Shane were there, they are both really great guys, I enjoyed meeting them, and well, this whole situation started with Moriah and I were walking around the reenactment, all dressed up, hair done, and looking pretty [grin] and we were going into store tents, and looking around.
   Now, to get this situation clear, Moriah, is an extremely smart and talented, and beautiful, and very Godly young lady, who I respect a lot. but when I say 'smart' I mean smart. now I can detect if someone is staring at me, i can feel it, and to be honest, i usually get scared. well, Moriah is the same way, she can sense, feel, and know if someone is looking at us, (more like staring at us) and she can point out the exact spot. which is amazing to me, and she can also think like Sherlock Holmes, which is rather creepy. she'll do anything to protect anyboy, even if it is her worst enemy. that is what I love her for.
   She is also very skillful when it comes to thinking and devising plans. she can get you out of nearly any situation, and she is brave, honest, hot tempered, and amazing, i mean.... it is not ofeten you come across a girl as wonderful as she is!
   Well, on with the story, she felt someone following us, and she pulled me into the shadows, and glanced around.
   "Olivia... did you feel that?"
   "Someone is following us."
   "Why would they be following us?"
   "I don't know."
   I scanned our surroundings, and then clutched Moriah, "there he is... he is staring directly as us."
   "Ok. this is creepy, we have got to get back to camp." she grabbed my hand, and pulled me towards camp, where Shane was sitting, with Moriah's dad.

  "Hey Olivia, want to go on a nature walk?!" Moriah asked.
  "Hey Shane, can you escort us?"
  "Because we want you too." I answered, truthfully. I didn't want to go anywhere alone with Moriah now, because that guy was here.
  "Alright, whatever." He replies. 
  "Thanks!" We smiled. 
  We get to the trenches (where that leads into the nature walk. These trenches are historically dug by real Confederate soldiers, and they attacked the Yankees. 
  "Hey let's go into the woods." Moriah suggested. 
  "OK. Sure!" I reply. We walk in there, and Moriah starts to talk about how beautiful the woods are. 
  "Olivia! This is beautiful! Just imagine.... Acting in a movie in these woods. It would be perfect! Imagine Lady Carliss (from a book) running through here, sword drawn, men after her. She dashes through the woods and disapears. I want to act in a movie now, in these woods." 
  I laugh, 'me too... Imagine being Talea, with um... What's his name? Cedric! Imagine doing to practice fight scene in these woods!' 
  'Would you two just shut up?' Shane asks. He is behind us, swinging his Tamahawk. 
  We both laugh and I lean towards Moriah. 'Lets run up ahead, he is pretty far behind, and we can outrun him!' 
  'Sure!' Moriah bursts into laughter and starts to run, I follow, laughing! We run by mud puddles, and trees seem to whiz past. 
  'Alright! I'm done!' I gasp after running for a while. Shane has caught up with us, and we reach the end of the woods. He says, 'whelp. Let's go back!' And turns around. And starts to run ahead. 
  Moriah and I walk, he is now jumping out and ambushing us with his Tamahawk. Needless to say we were all having a blast! 
  We reach the edge of the woods and get back on the nature trail. And we come upon another clearing in the woods. 
  'Well, girls, do you want to go this way?' 
  'Sure.' Moriah replies. 
  And just for an input, Shane's ankle is sprained, because he was playing basketball and he fell, and this was only the day before, and at the moment, he is running up and down hills, through the woods... Just being a guy... Which was bothering Moriah because she was afraid he was going to break his ankle, as was I. 
  He disapears ahead of us, and then starts running. 
  Moriah laughs, 'here comes another ambush!' 
  I laugh, and we continue to walk, and no ambush comes. We continue talking. Until suddenly I notice something rather strange. 
 'Moriah... Listen.' I said putting my fingers to my mouth. 
  'What?' She asks after a few moments. 
'I don't hear anything.' 
  'Thats the point.' I reply. 'No birds, no wind through the trees....' My voice trails off, ' and no Shane.' 
  'Yeah... What's wrong?' She asks. 
  'I don't know, but I'm getting the feeling something is desperately wrong here.' 
  'SHANE!' She yells. 
  There's no answer. My heart beats fast, and I get a sickening feeling in my stomach. 'SHANE!' I yell. 
  Again. No answer, we come to a small hill, and run down the slope, and then back up, we reach a fork in the trail. There's a left, and a right, both leading very opposite directions. 
  'What do we do?' I ask. 
  'I have no idea.' 
  'Split up. We'll make a signal. If either of us find Shane, we'll yell it, and then. The other will know.' 
  'It will work, but I'm not sure if we should split up. Remember. This could be a trap, and that man could have taken Shane or something, and holding him waiting for us to come.' 
  'That's right, we are  staying together.' I said, clutching her hand. 
  'My thoughts exactly.' she replies. 'Lets go left.' 
  'Alright.' We turn, and walk a through the woods. 'What do you think happened to him?' 
  'I don't know, but he can take care of himself.' 
  'But we might not be able too.' I reply. 
  'True. We have got to find him.' 
  We come to a bridge. And we both stop. Moriah advanced, and began to cross. Where she stood silently. I stayed on the opposite side. Staring at the entrance. I hear something move under it. I stood frozen. I could barely talk, 'Moriah.... What's under the bridge?' 
  'What is under the bridge, there is something there.' 
  Moriah walks over to me, 'I have no idea, but I hear it too.' 
  'Moriah.. I can't cross that bridge, I can't move.' 
  'Olivia, snap out of it.' She commands. 
  'Moriah, I can't.' 
  'Yes, here,' she grabs my hand, and pulls me, I stood still, as if in a trance. It was terrible for both of us, and embarrassing for me. She pulls me harder and forces me across the bridge. 
 'Now Olivia, before anyone finds out, not to scare you, but sometime homeless people hide in these woods. Why don't you-' she whispers this, 'tuck your money into your waist.' 
  I nod, and do so, and then follow her, holding my water bottle. 
 'Oh great, darn it, we are on a dune.' She sighs. 'We have for to get off.' She said. She runs to the edge. 'Quick, someone is coming, go down.' 
  'But it is the steepest!' 
  'Yes, but you have to go.' She replies 
  'Ok,' I clutch my water bottle, then turn and grabs Moriahs, and her purse, and then mine, and I threw them to the bottom, and then I took a step and tumbled down the dune. I got to the bottom and stood. Moriah started to step off, but I take a couple of steps up and grab her hand, 'c'mon, it will be safer.' 
  She gets down safely, and grabs her purse, 'thanks.' 
  We go to the edge, where the entrance and exit to the nature walk is. 
  'SHANE!' We both yell at the same time. 
  No reply. 
  'I hope he is just joking.' Moriah says. 
  'I do too, but it is possible he isn't, we have got to get help.' 
  'Yes. Just a couple of guys, to start looking. No one else.' 
  'But if word gets around, we can be kicked off the reenactment.' 
  'But think about Shane, what if he isn't joking.' 
  'You're right.' She takes another look around, 'this is like a movie where all the friends start disappearing, but it isn't happening to you.' She grabs my hand. 
  'We have to tell someone.' 
  'Alright, we walk towards our camp, and Shane appears out of nowhere. 
  'I'm sorry. I had to do something!' 
  'But we were worried sick about you!' I said. 
  He laughs, 'I said I was sorry!' 
  We started throwing walnuts at him, and we run back to camp. And give our report on what happened, then we head about a 1/2 mile back to where the camper was set up. On the way there, Moriah and I talked thoroughly to Shane about what happened, and what could have happened. He began to realize how dangerous that situation could have been. 
  'Im sorry.' 
  'Its fine.' I reply. We get to the camper. And Moriah tells her mom, who got very very upset. 
  Blake (who is going to become a preacher... Did I already say that?) takes him outside, and tells him a couple of things, and Shane asks to talk to us alone. 
  'Hey Moriah. And Olivia. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. Will you forgive me?' 
  'Yes, we will.' I said. 
  Shane leans over and gives Moriah a hug. Then looks at me, I laughed, and leaned over to give him a hug, which I felt was necessary in that situation. 
  Overall it was a very scary situation, and I'm thankful that nothing serious happened! And now a few pictures!!! 

Blake, Moriah and me. 

Moriah and me just before I left. Don't get us wrong, we were both sobbing our heads off. 

That's all! 
- Olivia 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Just a little story, a couple of pictures... because haven't posted in a while!

  I really like to surprise people, in what I say, do, my actions, I just like to surprise! Well, let me begin this post with a story...

       Around a year (almost two) back, I had a really good friend named Alexis. Well, I'm home schooled, and we go to an annual home school conference each year. Well, I got down there, and my friend Alexis arrived, I was extremely excited and all... she... introduced me to a friend of hers... which I did not like at all! I absolutely despised the girl at first!  Here's a couple of things I didn't like about Moriah:

       1: she was rude, and wanted to control everything
       2: everything had to go her way
       3: she was stuck up
       4: she talked in a silly British accent, which I despised
       5: she was taking my best friend away from me! 

       And what I hated more, (after I found this out) was that they lived 15 minutes away from each other. Well, I spent as much time as I could with Alexis, aaaaaaannnnnnd.... then we had to say goodbye.... I am a very emotional person... and I cry very easily, well, over Alexis, I didn't cry that hard, but I did cry.
       Well, needless to say, I hated Moriah, and during the year, I thought of how terrible she was, and how I didn't want to meet her again. Well, the next year, Alexis didn't go to the conference, and Moriah showed up. I tried to ignore her, and she tried to ignore me, until her older sister, Olivia, made us meet! So we talked... and she was okay... I still didn't exactly like her. But, we talked a little bit more. Even though she wasn't my closest friend, I was still careful, worried about her when she got hurt, etc. Well, on the opening night of the conference, something happened. She had all of a sudden passed out, and was unconscious... when she woke up, she couldn't talk, and her hands and feet were numb, she couldn't feel them at all. Well, I  heard about it, was worried sick, because I didn't want anything to happen, and all during that night, I would randomly just start crying. She was alright. She was supposed to have had a brain tumor... but God definitely spared that. She just had a rare, and severe migraine headache, that effected her very very oddly. She came to the conference every other time after that. And at the end of the week we exchanged email addresses. I emailed her first... she responded... and we started to talk more and more. 
       I told Alexis that Moriah (okay, Alexis is Lex, and Moriah is Riah) was really nice, and she responded with, "well you don't know her as well as I do, she has gotten me in trouble several times!" well... that didn't change me or Riah none... Riah was just naturally that way, we are both black and white, bold, confident, speak what we think, very strong and will stay in an argument when it comes to witnessing... we are very much alike. 
       Well, not to much longer after that, Lex and I had a falling out. We couldn't stand each other, (or at least she, me!) I was heartbroken, cried about it for months.... that all changed for the better, and I thank God, and I will for as long I as live, that me and Lex got mad at each other. I started to talk to Riah more... and more... and more... then I finally got a phone that had a phone number... and I could actually text message, not iMessage... I texted Riah, and she responded, and... we thought up several nicknames for each other! Here's hers for me: Lib (only she can call me that) Sunshine, Gorgeous. And here's mine for her: Beautiful, Privileged Princess, Tough Cookie.... they were great! Well... over the past 6 months, we have become the most best friends ever.... I found out an interesting fact... she hated me when she first met me, and I hated her, now... its like so the opposite! We know each other inside out... she has lots of good character qualities... loyalty, boldness, confidence, trust, honesty, gratefulness, forgiveness, firmness... and trust me, tons, tons, more! 
      Well... we live in different states... and we really wanted to visit each other, well, she does reenactments, and so she wanted me to come to this one.... I asked my dad, and he said yes. Well my wonderful older sister, Ashlyn, said I needed to surprise her. So I faked I was at a family reunion... it was awesome... except for the fact that she went around depressed for 3 weeks because I couldn't come! Well, her cousins, Blake and Shane were at the reenactments, for the first time with her family... Blake told me what he was wearing, and then told me to look out for him, so I did. We nearly missed him, he jumped out in the road waving his arms.... he took me to the RV, where the mom talked to me about the plans. Now I was so nervous, I wanted to laugh and cry and go hug Riah non-stop... but I was so nervous my teeth were chattering! My dad didn't understand either, moving on. Blake came back and told us we could come. Well... I followed my dad, and when I saw her, I clutched his arm, "dad.... there she is." dad: "sweetie, why are you nervous." me: "I don't know... just me."
       The mom wanted me to get real close to her and tap her on the shoulder. When Shane saw I was coming, Riah almost turned around, and Shane yelled, "Moriah!" (I was so grateful!!!) I walked up directly behind her, and she was getting sorta distracted, and so without any further ado, I tapped her shoulder, she turned, "What?" she stood there for about five seconds, trying to focus (its what she said) then when she finally realized it was me.... it was priceless... I have it on video, I'll post it in a few days, along with pictures. [smile] she kinda stood there shocked for a second, and then she screamed, over and over, while crying, "oh  my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! you're here, you're here, you're here! oh my gosh, oh my gosh! you're here! is it really you? how did you get here? why aren't you at the family reunion? why didn't you tell me?" she leaned back and look at me again, and started again with: "oh  my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! you're here, you're here, you're here! oh my gosh, oh my gosh! you're here!" it was quite priceless! I started to cry! 

  There is more coming... but we are best friends, for life! And I am SO. LUCKY to have her as a friend <3 <3 love you girl <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Erin Bethea!

  Another one of my favorite actresses! she acts wonderfully! She acted in Fireproof, with Kirk Cameron (fireproof.com, kirkcameron.com) 
  Here are a few pictures: 

She is in the grey shirt! Then in the pink that is Ken Bevel. 

  Erin is in the black! :) 

  I LOVE this scene! 

  This scene had me crying hard!! 

  Love this photo! 

I thought she was absolutely gorgeous! 


Monday, July 22, 2013

I haven't written in a while...

Sorry y'all! I have had quite ages things going on lately! :) 
So here is some pictures... And I will see if I can write a review in a few days! 

And do y'all know who Kirk Cameron is? Most people don't! But he is a famous (or back then he was) actor for Hollywood, they recently stopped letting him in movies because he was a Christian. Needless to say... I fantasize over him now, and even my MOM teases me about me liking him to much! But good heavens! I do have a few pictures I am sure you all would like! 

That grin... 

Haha! I love this one! 

My sister thinks I am a dork... 

I haven't watched Fireproof yet, BUT I AM TOMORROW! *WILD CHEER* 
(Please pray... I'll be even more obsessed with him than I am now. :[] ) 
Oh... Uh... Haha!!!!! I love this one! 


Sorry.... I know how to make my stars feel special don't I?!? Don't worry, Erin Bethea is next, and then Todd Friel, then Ray Comfort, then Emeal (EZ) Zwayne... And Mark Spence! :)

Luke 15:10 and 1 Corinthians 4:10-14 
-in Christ alone, Olivia 
"It's the little things that make life big!" 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ice cream and life

That's my Reese's Klondike bar from earlier. Ice cream plays a big part in my life. It's my absolute favorite dessert! 
This is life. 
I going to be deep here, lets see how this goes. 
Life: has been busy, and hot! The heat is terrible, and I can't bear it! 
It's hectic, and crazy. And I have learned the difference between living passionately, and passively, here's a small copy and pasted from an email I received from my sister, who copy and pasted that from a friend who sent that to her: 
there is a gigantic difference, living passively or passionately. for a while I had a hard time choosing between the two. there are so many passionate people who either fall flat on their face pursuing that passion or completely change their mind on how they feel the very next day. so instead of trailing along behind them, I tried the passive lifestyle, regarding everything with a yes, no, or whatever, displaying no emotion or strong feeling toward anything at all. getting through life relying on the music I listened to and the books I read to speak for me, feel for me. not becoming attached to anything or anyone was the easy way out because, frankly, it hurt less; and, frankly, my heart was whole, unbroken. it was also cold and untouched. but once upon a time a girl dreamed about writing books and creating magazines and becoming a role model and reaching out to those without a voice of their own and giving them one. and this girl realized spending her nights dreaming of what she could do in this world while spending her days doing nothing at all and loving nothing at all and hating nothing at all and feeling nothing at all would, in turn, create nothing at all and be nothing at all. to be passionate, burning with love for life and people and purpose, will cause immense heartbreak, pain, disappointment; but living passively will not change the world. there is a choice, with two very different outcomes. and it is true that living passively opposed to passionately is safer for the muscle we call a heart, but is an emotionless life a better life to lead? is our purpose to die with a heart intact and untroubled? I certainly hope not. I hope to leave a piece of my heart in every place I go and with every person I meet. I want to die knowing I loved with everything in me and crushed into a million little pieces by the beauty of this world we live in. what about you?

That's convicting isn't it? 

Isn't this girl lovely?! I LOVE HER! 
(She is wearing my necklace) 

Remember y'all, life is short, lets love passionately. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Interview with Jessica!

Alright, Jessica is a good blogger friend, and this is an interview with her! Go to her blog here, Jessicasdreamtofly.blogspot.com 

{here is the interview: 

 1. What does you're name mean?
My name, Jessica, means: wealthy, God beholds.

2. Any reason why your parents chose the name, 'Jessica'?
My parents liked the way it sounds.

3. What's your favorite verse?
My favorite Bible verse is 1 Corinthians13:13.

4. Favorite chapter in the book, 1 Corinthians?
Chapter 13 is my favorite.

5. Favorite food?
Oh, goodness, where to begin... At the end of the day, it's a tie between Chinese and Italian food.

6. Why is it your favorite food?
Because Chinese food has an unique, tangy flavor, and Italian food as a fresh, clean, and delicious flavor. Yummmmmmy. :)

7. What's your favorite food of the week?
(One Meal) Fish, shrimp, fried squash, baked potato, and fried okra.

8. Cheeseburgers or pizza?
Absolutely, 100%, pizza. :D

9. Chinese or Italian?
Oh, goodness, here we go again... It all depends on what I'm in the mood for, I guess. Right now...Chinese. :)

10. Blue or teal?
I like teal better than blue. :)

11. Why did you start your blog?
I guess...because I wanted something to make my own and to keep up with.

12. What's your favorite thing to blog about?
I like to blog about...more personal things. Like trips, events, etc.

13. Favorite flower?

14. Favorite book?
The Hunger Games Trilogy.

15. Favorite movie?
Les Miserables.

16. Favorite singer?
Taylor Swift and Hunter Hayes.

17. What do you want to become?
Well, I was thinking something like a veterinarian... or a pet groomer, that cleans teeth, gives baths, etc. :)   

18. Why do you want to become that?
Because I grew up on a bird farm and I've always had an interest with animals.

xoxoxo - jess

Thanks for reading you all! Another movie review is coming up soon!} 
Love ya Jess!