Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ice cream and life

That's my Reese's Klondike bar from earlier. Ice cream plays a big part in my life. It's my absolute favorite dessert! 
This is life. 
I going to be deep here, lets see how this goes. 
Life: has been busy, and hot! The heat is terrible, and I can't bear it! 
It's hectic, and crazy. And I have learned the difference between living passionately, and passively, here's a small copy and pasted from an email I received from my sister, who copy and pasted that from a friend who sent that to her: 
there is a gigantic difference, living passively or passionately. for a while I had a hard time choosing between the two. there are so many passionate people who either fall flat on their face pursuing that passion or completely change their mind on how they feel the very next day. so instead of trailing along behind them, I tried the passive lifestyle, regarding everything with a yes, no, or whatever, displaying no emotion or strong feeling toward anything at all. getting through life relying on the music I listened to and the books I read to speak for me, feel for me. not becoming attached to anything or anyone was the easy way out because, frankly, it hurt less; and, frankly, my heart was whole, unbroken. it was also cold and untouched. but once upon a time a girl dreamed about writing books and creating magazines and becoming a role model and reaching out to those without a voice of their own and giving them one. and this girl realized spending her nights dreaming of what she could do in this world while spending her days doing nothing at all and loving nothing at all and hating nothing at all and feeling nothing at all would, in turn, create nothing at all and be nothing at all. to be passionate, burning with love for life and people and purpose, will cause immense heartbreak, pain, disappointment; but living passively will not change the world. there is a choice, with two very different outcomes. and it is true that living passively opposed to passionately is safer for the muscle we call a heart, but is an emotionless life a better life to lead? is our purpose to die with a heart intact and untroubled? I certainly hope not. I hope to leave a piece of my heart in every place I go and with every person I meet. I want to die knowing I loved with everything in me and crushed into a million little pieces by the beauty of this world we live in. what about you?

That's convicting isn't it? 

Isn't this girl lovely?! I LOVE HER! 
(She is wearing my necklace) 

Remember y'all, life is short, lets love passionately. 


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