Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day

I know it has been a while since anything has been posted on this very neglected blog, and my apologies! But happy valentines day, none the less! 
You know that feeling of happiness and surge of wamrth in his embrace when your date leans over underneath the moon, and kisses you, holding his embrace on you as long as he can? Me either, but i hope i will someday! 
Valentines day is a lovely day, perhaps it is just me, but Valentines day is a special time for everyone, even people who don't have hot dates with their guy or girl. sort of like me, i'm all alone in my house, most like writing my sick emotions out on a laptop, into a book that is most likely so poorly written that its sickening. 
I have a vibrant way of explaining myself. 
Or perhaps i like valentines day so much because that's the only day of the year that i actually really like chocolate! 
no - you read that right, any other day of the year, i most likely will refuse chocolate, its SO not my thing, like most girls obsess over chocolate, and im over here in my own little world, writing and eating sour gummy worms, and drinking hot herb tea underneath my soft covers and cushy pillows, listening to music, probably Piano Guys ( or something of the sort (you can also find them in iTunes) with my pants and tee shirt, being dulled by the silence of the deafening music in my ears, created by a guy with a piano and his partner who has a cello. 
i'm most likely running anyone who's reading this into boredom. so ... i just wrote this to tell everyone who has a date tonight, either for the most expensive place in the city (or town) or the lousiest cheesburger shop in town: have fun, and happy valentines day. 
you never know - maybe next year you'll be stuck with someone as boring as me. 



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